Sunday, January 3, 2016

My #Oneword

My #Oneword is PERSIST:

     Although there are many words that pertain to my life, I feel that "persist" fits the many adventures that I'm about to embark upon in 2016. 

     In just a little over a week, I'm going to begin my M.Ed. program through Indiana State University for School Admin. I'm anxious, excited, and nervous all at the same time. It's going to be quite the quest and will require persistence. 

     My first child is due in May. My wife and I found out on Dec. 23 that it will be a beautiful little girl. I can only imagine the amount of persistence that will be required to be the best dad I know how to be, on top of working and completing my masters degree.

     I'm more than ready for all of these challenges. Failure will happen, but quitting will not be an option. I plan to learn from all of my failures and become a great father and a great administrator. There's also no telling what other quests will present themselves during the year, but I will approach those new challenges with the same mentality as I always do; head-on and with persistence. 

     Happy New Year!

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