Sunday, March 13, 2016

Passionately RPGing

My students know about my passions. I know about their passions. We discuss our passions everyday and make connections to help us connect to information. The next passion I plan to incorporate into my classroom is some good ol' fashioned RPGing.

I've dabbled with incorporating bits and pieces of an RPG before. During a math review lesson, the students fought a Cave Troll by answering questions correctly. It was a lot of fun, and it was neat seeing the children doing their best to answer questions clearly and completely to ensure they hit the troll.

I have 4 sections of a grid-board that my buddies and I use to play D&D. They are magnetic and dry-erase. Each one is 20 inches X 20 inches. I envision using these in multiple ways.

Actual picture from a D&D session.


When we play D&D, the Dungeon Master of the session must set the scene. The DM creates an engaging story-line full of NPCs (Non-Player Characters), a detailed setting, and a clear plot. What if the students were tasked with creating a story-line for something similar? Then, other children can explore that story-line or setting. I imagine this will help children to be very clear on details of the scenes in order to be able to explain it to the players .

Action Review Game:

Just as we did with the Cave Troll, I plan to have children defeat monsters with review questions. The beauty of this strategy is that it can fit any content area. 

Other Possibilities?
  • Since the boards are a grid, they can easily be utilized to review area/perimeter of rectangles. 
  • Area/Perimeter of other polygons? 
  • Each board can be a great work-space for group work. 
What do you think? How else could these magnetic dry erase boards be utilized to engage students? 


  1. Love the game idea! I'll bet your students loved it too. Story lines could be created and written in a different subject. Maybe even pitched to their peers to be the one used. I could see the grid used as a maze, map to secret treasures, quests or challenges. Could it be a battle ship board or a grid of space? So much fun could be had! Sounds like you're off to a great start!!!

    1. Thanks, Carrie! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas. They're great!