Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Through a New Lens

A few weeks before school let out for the summer, I applied for a new position. I am currently obtaining my Master's in Educational Leadership through Indiana State University, and the position opening, if I got it, would provide so much great experience for me. Two weeks after applying I landed an interview. And a few days after the interview, I was offered the position of Elementary School Principal Intern, which I gladly accepted!

I will not be in the classroom, which I will sorely miss. I have a calling for leadership, but I will always feel classroom teachers are doing the most important job. The Principal Intern position is a school administrator position. So, under the guidance of the great principal and other administrators, I will be working in a full-time administrative role and looking at everything through a new lens!

It's going to be interesting seeing everything through the new lens. I'm going to learn so much, and I'm very excited about that. There will be hard times as well as great times. I know a crucial part to my success will be to build relationships with the staff and children.

What is your advice for my first year in an administrative role? What about my first day in the administrative role?  

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