Thursday, October 27, 2016

The First Few...

It's hard to believe that I've already been in my new position for a few months - three to be exact. I can't count the amount of new experiences I've already had. I'm lucky to have two fantastic mentors to guide me. They've given me the trust and autonomy to be the leader I aim to be. But, of course, my position has its challenges (as we all have).

I serve as assistant principal for two elementary schools. Let's be honest, one challenge is the amount of meetings - sometimes it seems doubled!! I have two student bodies - one at just about 600 children and the other at around 910 children - to learn and keep up with (though one of the students bodies I'm partly familiar with).

One of my buildings is the building I taught in for six years. Although I believe there are benefits to knowing the culture of the building already, moving into the administrator role in the same building can be challenging, especially with evaluations. I keep the heart of evaluations at what is SHOULD be, though, and all of my feedback conferences have gone very well. The purpose is to provide feedback to help teacher growth. And seeing all of the excellent teachers "do their thang" helps me grow!

The biggest challenge is, (since this is all new), is thinking, "Am I doing this 'right'?" As I've become more familiar with my position, I've learned that sometimes I'm just going to fall flat on my face. But like we teach the children, I have to learn from those failures.

I work with two fabulous administrators. Both are effective, but each has a very different leadership style. It's such a benefit that I get to see two styles of leadership. I think about my own style and adapt things I like from each of my principals.

How lucky am I that I get to work with two staffs? I get to see 60+ educators brilliantly lead their classrooms each day. The more great practices I see, the more great practices I can add to my tool kit. I tell teachers that I am not the instructional expert. The teachers are! I am lucky enough that I get be an outside perspective in each classroom.

Looking Forward:
The main thing I keep in the forefront of my mind each day is my 5 Word GPS. I'm excited for what the rest of the year has to offer!

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