About Me

I am first a father to a beautiful baby girl and a husband to a lovely woman. She is also an educator.  It's nice being with someone who shares and understands the joys and frustrations of the teaching profession.

I love to read, play video games, play Dungeons & Dragons, box & workout, watch movies with my wife, and write. Many hobbies are on my list, but that's okay because I rarely get bored. 

I am Principal at Vogel Elementary School in Evansville, Indiana. I've been principal for 2 years and a principal intern for 1 year. I've taught 3 years of first grade, 2 years of fourth grade, and 1 year of fifth grade. 

I've had a lot of experience working with children. I began working in an elementary after-school day care program when I was 16. I worked there through high school and college, until I got a job teaching...at the same school! 

I love my job. I'm dedicated to being the best educator that I know how to be and learning how to be even better.  Please become part of my PLN on Twitter @BBaumeyer. I'd love to connect!

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