Even though I love to dive-in and test the potential of tech-tools, it's hard to keep up with the plethora of technology out there. That's way I had to write a quick post about a piece that has become essential to my teaching. That is Paper by Fifty Three.

This tool allows me to take my teaching to a whole new level. I use it a lot when teaching math. Paper allows me to easily color code items, copy/paste, and has a variety of tools at my fingertips (well, stylustip). Below are just a couple of examples of how I use the app. It's great to take notes in meetings and allows for easy sketchnoting.

I credit Matt Miller (@jmattmiller) for leading me to Paper. If you don't follow Matt on Twitter, I suggest you change that immediately. He's a fabulous resource!

I will be honest to say that there was a small cost to set it up in my classroom, basically because I purchased Airserver to stream my iPad. It was minimal, though, and totally worth it. Try it out for yourself!

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